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About Us

We offer hunting opportunities for Dove, Pheasant, Duck, Deer, And Turkey. We are small enough to know you by name and large enough to handle any corporate outing.

Rooster Heaven is a 2,500-acre, family-owned and operated hunting preserve established in 2000.  Three generations of the Harms family run the facility:  Patrick and his wife Julie (Owner), Duke (Pat’s Father), Cole and Wyatt (2 of Pat’s Sons), and hunting is managed by Pat’s brother-in-law John.

Dove: September 1 through the opening of Deer Season

Plots of sunflowers are planted within the bird hunting preserve providing a natural food source for the wild dove.  Hunters can sit among these areas for a chance at these challenging birds.

Pheasant: September 15 to March 31

26 plots averaging 20 to 40 acres each with a unique cover, depending on the challenge you and your dog are looking for there are opportunities for a stroll through gentle prairie grasses to thickets only your dog can maneuver to flush out the birds and everything in between.  The plots are large enough that if you happen to miss a shot there is a good chance it will land back in your area and your dog will not be bumping into other dogs.  Birds are raised on the preserve in large natural pens with no human contact until the day they are released into the field of your choice.

Duck: September 15 to March 31

Along with the DNR, wetlands were developed on the preserve for duck habitat.  The ducks are raised on the preserve at a barn within flying distance to the pond and they will travel back and forth between the wetlands and their barn thoughout the day offering opportunities for hunters.

Deer: Dates Per Livingston County Regulations

The family also farms serval thousands of acres of corn and beans around the preserve.  These farming areas contain some excellent wooded areas where trails have been cut and deer blinds established.  When the corn comes down in the fall the deer naturally move to these areas for cover providing excellent opportunities for hunters to harvest large corn-feed Illinois deer.

Turkey:  Dates Per Livingston County Regulations  

Wild turkeys roam throughout the preserve.





We take care of our own

Membership Program

We do offer the option of one-day hunts for people who want to try the facilities out and make sure it is a good fit, or for those who only can hunt a couple of times a year, but becoming a part of the Rooster Heaven Community through membership is where you can benefit the most both financially and through greater access to the facilities.  Members enjoy discounted rates on all activities, have the opportunity to pre-purchase birds at a significantly reduced price, and have access to members-only events.

Please review the pricing details on our “Booking” page to see what package best fits your needs.

Mountain Man stopped by to say hi. he will be coming back later this season for a special hunt. Make sure you click the “Special Events Email” link above and put in your information to receive the dates.